perfect advice

Well the night is young
And the stars are out
And your eyes are all aglow
And you say you feel
Ways you’ve never felt
But are you sure, make sure you’re sure

Well, the wine is sweet
And the music sways
And your lips are so divine
And you say you know
That you’re falling in love
Now, let’s be mature, make sure you’re sure

I’m not accustomed to wearing my feelings
In a place that’s so obvious to see
But if eyes don’t lie
There’s a chance that you are not fooling yourself
and me

Well the night is through
And the sun’s come out
And so too has your lovely smile
And you vow to stay
In these arms always
Can you endure, now are you sure

Love can be so insecure
So please be sure…


men and monogamy


So I went through some old emails and came across a convo that I had with a male friend. Have you ever looked back at past conversations or thoughts and completely disagreed with what you said? I have. It usually has to do with growth and not being in the same place in life. That’s not the case this time. This one, I still agree with, and I am certainly not in the same place in life. Interesting.

Question posed to me March 2009:

Do you think that’s its possible/feasible/originally designed for men to be monogamous? From a biological and\or sociological perspective please. Continue reading

write the vision…

I finally made myself sit down and write out what I want for myself from this thing called life. I’m big on expectations and I realized that I need to have some solid expectations of myself; something so I can check myself when I start slipping. It really is true that putting pen to paper makes it real. Extracting these thoughts from my mind made them feel real, as if they had LIFE. That’s because they do. I’ve decided that if circumstances arise that don’t contribute to these things, I won’t be providing them with much energy. I feel that God places desires in your heart because they are a part of His purpose for you. I pray my vision is in line with His will for me. I’m not asking for much! 🙂

This also made me realize I have  A LOT of work to do in the very near future. *wipes sweat*

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what more do you need?? sheesh!

smh. shameful

I was once asked to watch the movie Unfaithful. It’s a movie about a woman who has a solid marriage but is “lacking in passion” (I love Wikipedia by the way). Her husband is a great man and they have a son. She meets a man in the city and begins an affair with him. Long story short, hubby finds out, kills the man, then they find out he was also married, so on and so forth. I was asked to watch the movie because the person said they understood her position and how she could do what she did. You have everything  that one should ask for, but it’s still not enough, because something is lacking. I told the person I thought making that decision was stupid and anyone who would give up all that is good for one thing (that can be worked on) for one thing that is bad is not very smart. Harsh, I know, but that’s how I see it. Things like this say a lot about people’s character to me. People expect too much. In the movie, I feel that she felt there had to be more than what she had. Hell, you have a good, successful spouse, a beautiful child, a nice house etc. and you still want more? Damn! Sit down. Lol. She used the affair as a means of escapism. She should have COMMUNICATED with her husband about how she was feeling, and then they WORK and find solutions to fix it. That’s how you work that.

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and it comes to me, like an epiphany {Part 2}: i’m ok…


Time don’t stop and wait for pain
Pain does fade away in time
Guess it all was just a game
When you gave your heart and I gave mine

I’m okay
I’m just fine
We fade away, hardly crossed my mind


I’m okay
My memories, they comfort me
Thoughts of what we used to be…



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i’ll stop fighting (well i’ll try)

People have always thought of me as a writer. I have no idea why. I remember every instance of someone mentioning it to me though. Here are a few recent examples {recent as in May 2010 til yesterday, lol}:

  • In the process of building my business, all I’ve heard consistently is that I need to write. 
  • A few months ago, a friend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in a while told me that she had a dream about me and that I was supposed to be a writer. She said “you are already very articulate and delicate with your words, you’re supposed to write”.  I looked at her and told her this has been a recurring theme. She said “that’s because it’s what you’re supposed to be doing”. *sigh*

At this point, I’m like for real God, you just gon’ keep throwing it in my face huh? Well God has a way of getting his point across if we choose to ignore him. Continue reading

young, gifted and black

To be young, gifted and black
Oh what a lovely precious dream
To be young, gifted and black
Open up your heart to what I mean
‘Cause you know in this whole wide world
There’s a million, A MILLION boys and girls
Who are young, gifted and black
And that’s a fact!

To be young, gifted and black
We must begin to tell our young
Don’t you know there’s a whole world waiting for you?
Don’t you know the quest has just begun for you?
Haven’t you heard that the joy-
-the JOY!
-the joy of the day is
That one day that we all be proud to say
That we were young, gifted and black
and it’s sho’ ’nuff where it’s at!